“When the time comes, do not act rashly. Your survival solely depends on you now. So you must consider all of your options first and proceed with our plan cautiously. Otherwise, only death awaits you.”

Sitting in an empty cafeteria within the castle’s premises, Dimitri recalled the Headmaster’s last words…

“Were you able to remember anything from your past missions at all?”

Appearing out of nowhere, Dimitri suddenly found Mikhail standing right beside him. Clasping both hands behind his back, the AI butler had already donned his usual coat and tie sans the spectacles, Dimitri observed.

“No.” Ignoring the costume…

[Warning: Usage Restriction Due To Limited Function Mode Activation]

[System Availability Duration: Reached]

[Combat Simulation Program: Deactivated]

[Strategy and Tactics Program: Deactivated]

[Weapons Training Program: Deactivated]

[The Art Of War Program: Deactivated]

[The Art of Killing Program: Deactivated]

[Physical Fitness and Self-Care Program: Deactivated]

[Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Program: Deactivated]

“Why are you here?” Armand asked, not bothering to open his eyes, sensing another presence in the room. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, he appeared to be meditating on a platform similar to that of the training hall, albeit smaller. …

“Round Nine — Fight starts in 3…2…”

Time seemed to stop before the countdown ended. Dimitri glanced around the platform, curious to see the floating countdown currently stuck at number two. Just the multi-colored grid lines moved, pulsating everywhere up to the barrier of the platform like a heartbeat.


“Round Two — Fight starts in 3…2…1!”

Without delay, both parties decided to strike first. They rushed towards the middle of the platform as soon as the countdown turned zero. Both ran at full speed, seemingly anticipating their inevitable head-on collision.

Dimitri’s serious expression concealed his renewed vigor to fight…

“Your goal is to defeat your opponent.”

“Round One — Fight starts in 3…2…1!”

As soon as the countdown turned to zero, Dimitri immediately saw the masked figure running straight towards him. The unknown man’s eyes remained blank as if completely devoid of fear, his movement agile yet calculated.


“You kept me waiting.”

Armand sat cross-legged at the center of a large hall. He opened his eyes and looked sternly at the approaching young man. “You were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago.”

“Take it easy on him, Armand!” Mikhail hovered beside Dimitri. With a snap of his…

“This is your floor.” Mikhail got out of the elevator and turned left. Dimitri followed right behind the hologram, silently looking at the minimalist design of the passageway. This underground corridor only holds ten doors versus the twenty-room recovery area where they came from thirty floors up.

On one wall…

[Host Memory Integration — 61.90%]

[Warning: Usage Restriction Due To Limited Function Mode Activation]

[System Availability Duration — Reached]

[Try Again Later]

“What is this thing?” Dimitri rubbed his chin, staring at the strange virtual projection with curiosity. He tapped on the gear icon, surprised to see the virtual screen…

Alden Myro

I’m a newbie writer who is still in the process of learning and unlearning.

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